Blue Rhythm de Chanel

Blue Rhythm de Chanel

Blue Rhythm de Chanel

The new look of Chanel for the upcoming autumn and winter season 2015. With this Look sets Chanel clear new trends and rises again from the other brands from.
A special highlight is the new eye shadows in no. 116 Swing in a classic, royal blue with shimmering accents. With the pallets to a great smokey eye makeup can and even with the nails the trend color is picked up blue again. A great look of guaranteeing some attracts attention!

OPI Nail Polish

OPI Nail Polish

OPI Nail Polish

There is nothing better than beautiful, manicured nails. With a beautiful nail polish, they may even be more beautiful! Especially in summer, always makes a beautiful, showy color very special. In addition, a colored accent on the nails always upgrade a simple outfit and put a highlight.

Today I want to - imagine the nail polishes from OPI - next to the nail polishes of Chanel, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent, which you already know.

OPI comes from the United States and is one of the largest manufacturers of nail polishes. Available the coatings are used in over 200 different colors. We carry selected nuances in our shop. Particularly well to the current season, of course, matches the color pink. But colors like orange, yellow or blue have with us their place. From whom the whole bright colors be deprecated, may like to opt for a simple nude or glitter.

All paints are shatterproof and can be due to the "Pro Wide Brush" -Pinsels apply streaks. Thereby, a dip in the pool or lake is secured on holiday despite nail polish.

Marvis - The Florentine toothpaste with cult status

Marvis - The Florentine toothpaste with cult status

Marvis - The Florentine toothpaste with cult status

Classic Strong Mint: The intense, invigorating and unmistakable fresh aroma pure mint.

Aquatic Mint: A delicate, sweet and cold touch of mint supported by a fresh sea breeze.

Ginger Mint: Fresh Mint combined with a warm, gently spicy ginger.

Jasmin Mint: A surprising, very harmonious fusion of delicate jasmine flowers and the freshness of mint.

Whitening Mint: For a radiant, white smile at the claimed teeth, especially in smokers Removes difficult stains from tea, red wine, nicotine and ensures long-lasting fresh breath.

Cinnamon Mint: The exotic-sweet cinnamon combines with the powerful mint at a surprisingly fresh and long-lasting flavor.

Amarelli Liquorice: The cooperation with the company Amarelli that manufactures since 1731 licorice, was a seductive scent in which is combined with fresh mint licorice.

Brightening and cleaning effect
All Marvis toothpastes have a brightening alone cleaning effect. This is done through three types of mineral abrasives. Microbeads one hand, and silica abrasive medium and high output on the other. Through these three abrasives, perfect balance for a guaranteed and gentle whitening effect, without attacking the enamel.

Of course, the Marvis toothpastes do not contain sugar. Namely, this is the enemy number 1 for healthy and radiant teeth. Moreover Marvis does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and is therefore also vegan.

The minty taste
The taste of mint, which is very intense but also fresh, is promoted by the high proportion of peppermint oil. It forms the basis of each of the seven flavors. By peppermint oil "healthy" bacteria are activated in the oral cavity to the whole day to produce a fresh Arem. So a banal daily routine like brushing your teeth in a moment is transformed with pure pleasure.

Quality and that certain something
Marvis away bacterial residues while brushing plaques that accumulate especially at the gum line and the main cause of gingivitis and bad breath. The active ingredients of Marvis toothpaste distributed optimally in the oral cavity and have a good adhesion. Thereby a kind of long-term effect is achieved and inhibited the formation of new plaque sustainable.


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